Crocodile basking on the banks of the Chobe River, Botswana

Firefighters Discover Nile Crocodile in Burning Garden Shed

On Friday morning, firefighters encountered an unexpected resident in a garden shed that caught fire in the Šumperk region. A Nile crocodile was found in the burning building. The animal was captured by professionals and removed so that the firefighters could complete the operation. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., Mar 12 (BD) – At 4am on Friday morning, a fire was reported in Klopina, and four units were dispatched to the scene. The roof of a garden shed was engulfed in flames. While conducting a survey of the situation, the firefighters were informed by the owner that a Nile crocodile was inside the burning building. 

For the safety of the firefighters, the operation was interrupted and animal capture professionals were contacted. In the meantime, the building, which was full of smoke, was ventilated. A thermal camera was used to locate the three-meter animal, which roamed freely in the 20 square meter space on the ground floor.

The crocodile was caught using ropes and moved to the garage. After its capture, the firefighters continued with the operation. ‘‘The cause of the fire was negligence and the damage was preliminarily estimated at CZK 90,000,’’ said Lucie Balážová, spokeswoman for the Olomouc Regional Fire and Rescue Service.

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