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Antigen Tests On Sale At Czech Supermarkets

Since last week, antigen self-testing kits for coronavirus infection have been on sale at several Czech supermarket chains, with more to join them in the coming weeks. Prices for a single kit range between CZK 99 and 249. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., March 22 (BD) – Since last week, several Czech supermarket chains, including Billa, Makro, and Globus, have started selling self-administered antigen test kits for coronavirus infection. In the coming weeks, more stores will begin selling the kits. Globus started selling the kits on Friday, and Billa and Lidl followed suit on Saturday. A high demand has been reported for the test kits – Makro has already sold more than 23,000 packs. 

According to Albert’s communications director Jiří Mareček, packs of five nasal tests are on sale for CZK 495 in the company’s hypermarkets. The price for a single-test kit will be CZK 99. Next week, two-test packages will be available in Albert supermarkets. Billa started selling the Singclean IVD Covid-19 IgG / IgM tests from Saturday, at CZK 119.90 each. Makro launched the sale of nasal tests last week, offered in a package of 25 pieces for CZK 2,899. Kaufland’s kits are on sale for CZK 149.90 each. Penny Market is selling so-called “lollipop tests” for CZK 249, which are slightly more expensive, but painless and easy-to-use, and therefore suitable for children, according to spokesman Tomáš Kubík. As there is a high demand for the various types of antigen self-test kits, chains are planning to expand their ranges over the coming weeks. 

Tests will also be available in other stores, such as Rossmann and DM, averaging at CZK 229 each. Suppliers expect their orders to arrive in the next 14 days. Self-employed people and companies will be able to claim CZK 60 per test, paid for by the government via the health insurance companies. Subsidies are available for a maximum of four tests per employee or self-employed person (OSVČ) per month.

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