Winter Gives Way To Spring With Temperatures Up to 14°C This Week

We can expect gradually rising temperatures this week. Although the mornings will continue to see frost, afternoon temperatures could reach up to 14°C on Saturday and Sunday. Photo Credit: CHMI.

Czech Rep., Mar 23 (BD) – In the last week, over 30 centimeters of snow fell in the Jizerské and Krkonoše Mountains, and in Šumava, but the cold nights will give way to warm and sunny days this week. In Brno, cloudy weather is expected only on Wednesday and Saturday.

From 6°C on Tuesday, the temperature could reach up to 14°C on Sunday. According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute: “On Saturday, the cold front will cross our territory to the east, bringing colder air to Central Europe from the northwest. In Central and Southern Europe, high air pressure areas will gradually expand which will bring warmer air from the southwest.”

Instant Spring Blossom 

“This winter brought plenty of snow and low temperatures. This situation was very beneficial for the environment and plants, as snow means plenty of moisture. The coming warming will allow the flowering of spring plants. Melting snow will also bring water under the ground, and supplies for the coming season will be significantly better than in the previous year,”  said Martina Součková from CHMI.

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