Latest Edition of KAM v Brně/WHERE in Brno is Out Now!

WHERE in Brno in April? The latest edition of the cultural magazine KAM v Brně (WHERE in Brno), with its dedicated English section at the back, will give you tips on what to do, what to read, and what to drink! Image Credit: KAM v Brně/yvans.

Brno, Apr 1 (BD) – Spring is finally here! What to do in Brno? We recommend checking out the new edition of WHERE. The magazine has a dedicated English section at the back – as well as the final “What I’m Drinking” column by the amazing Arielle DeSoucey, who will make sure you know which wines to taste.

In WHERE you will also find a feature article, “Shared transport in Brno”, about bike sharing, carsharing and other ways to move from place to place around the city. An interview with Miss Czech Republic 2020, Karolína Kopíncová, could be great practice if you are learning Czech and you are interested in modelling or journalism.

Where to find WHERE? All the regular ways of distribution are not quite possible at the moment, so we recommend subscribing. Do you want to support the creators of the magazine? You can have KAM v Brne/WHERE in Brno delivered straight to your mailbox every month. Get a subscription at or by sending an email to

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