Collection of WWII Ammunition Discovered in Holiday Cottage

Police discovered an impressive collection of World War II ammunition in a holiday cottage in the Brno region while investigating the death of the owner. The discovery has prompted a warning to those in possession of similar weapons, recommending that they hand them over to police under the firearms amnesty. Photo Credit: Policie ČR.

Brno, Apr 9 (BD) – Police officers got a surprise while investigating the death of the owner of a holiday cottage in the Brno region. As police entered the property of the deceased 46-year-old man, they encountered a significant amount of ammunition. The man has since been deemed to have died of natural causes, and there is no indication of third party involvement in his death. 

Most of the collection consisted of sharp military ammunition from the period of World War II. The owner is presumed to have recovered the material from historical battle grounds, a practice still common even today, many decades after the end of the conflict. As such, discoveries like this are somewhat frequent, but the amount of ammunition stood out to the authorities – 26 kg of small-caliber ammunition, almost 800 artillery shells, 80 hand grenades and nine air bombs were seized. Most of the ammunition was severely corroded by time and a large portion was removed by police explosives experts and partially detonated nearby for security reasons, as transport was deemed unnecessarily risky.

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Photos: Ammunition discovered in holiday cottage in Brno region. Credit: Policie ČR.

The incident prompted a warning to those who have made similar finds and have not yet surrendered them to the competent authorities. Weapons and ammunition found in fields present great dangers for those who take them home, as old and often damaged artillery may quickly become a hazard. With the gun amnesty still in place, those in possession of these weapons can still surrender them with impunity. The best and recommended course of action would be to call the police to the place of storage, avoiding moving the weapons. 

As part of the amnesty, 83 weapons and almost 4,000 rounds of ammunition have been handed over to the authorities in the Brno region alone.

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