Archaeologists Discover 18th Century Pub In Tvarožná

The remnants of a pub from the 18th century were discovered during construction works on family houses in Tvarožná, in the Brno region. The find included a secret cellar, along with ceramics, plaster bricks, glasses, and stove fragments. Photo Credit: ÚAPP Brno.

Brno, Apr 13 (BD) – In March, archaeologists discovered the remnants of an 18th-century pub, called Gerňa, during construction work on family houses in Tvarožná, in the Brno region. 

Although the existence of the tavern was known, archaeologists had not yet located its exact position, as the road from Brno to Olomouc where the inn stood disappeared more than 200 years ago. The discovery was therefore a surprise for archaeologists, according to Petr Kos from the Institute for Archaeological Heritage (“Ústav Archeologické Památkové Péče”). The Gerňa coaching pub was built by Count Jan Kryštof of Freyenfels sometime before 1715, but after the road was replaced it fell into ruin, and was eventually completely demolished by locals.

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Photos: Archaeological discoveries of the 18th century pub in Tvarožná. Credit: ÚAPP Brno.

Along with ceramics, plastered bricks, glasses, and stove fragments, the findings include a secret cellar, accessible through a narrow corridor. The underground room may have been built to hide valuable provisions or people in case of emergency.

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