Body Worlds: An Interactive Exploration Of Human Life

An exhibition on human bodies from the European workshop of Gunther von Hagens, inventor of plastination, will open at the Brno Exhibition Grounds from May 10th. It takes visitors through the entire cycle of human life, from conception, birth, growth, adulthood, old age to death. All the required safety measures will be applied, and visitors are recommended to buy tickets in advance to avoid queues. Photo Credit: NS / BD.

Brno, May 4 (BD) – The Brno Exhibition Grounds will host the worldwide cultural and educational exhibition Body Worlds. It is primarily a celebration of the body and the cycle of life, and during the tour, visitors will go through all the stages of human life, from conception, birth, growth, adulthood, old age to death.

The human body is revealed in every detail, from the skin, muscles, and skeleton to the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as the reproductive organs. They are all authentically and accurately preserved by the plastination technique, which requires about 1,500 working hours and normally takes about one year to complete.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens invented plastination at the Institute for Anatomy at Heidelberg University in 1977. The hard-wearing, durable and lifelike state of plastinated specimens, as well as their high instructional value, have contributed to this method gaining general acceptance and being used in many institutions throughout the world.

The Body Worlds exhibition also places great emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, drawing attention to the risks associated with smoking, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. 

“The exhibition, which has already been seen by 150 million people worldwide, is a celebration of the human body. It helps visitors discover how their bodies work”, said Květa Havelková from the organizing agency, JVS Group.

Long-term surveys are conducted among Body Worlds visitors around the world. The results show that almost 90% of visitors learn new information about the human body, and 68% change their lifestyle towards healthier eating and more intense exercise. Almost 80% said that after seeing the exhibition, they feel deep respect for the miracle of the human body. 

During the exhibition, all safety and hygiene measures will be applied, following the government recommendations and regulations. Attendance is limited to avoid clusters and allow visitors to maintain enough space around them. Masks and disinfectant are mandatory for both visitors and exhibition staff members, who are regularly tested. In addition, the rooms are carefully disinfected and cleaned every day.

“Our exhibition is completely safe for visitors. We strictly adhere to all hygiene measures and we are proud that our exhibition is one of the first cultural events open in the Czech Republic,” said Viliam Ďuriš, the promoter of the exhibition.

All visitors are recommended to buy tickets in advance to avoid any queues. A limited number of tickets are also sold directly at the exhibition, in Pavilion C of the Brno Exhibition Grounds.

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