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New Limits Placed On Number of Possible Attempts For Driving Tests

Learner drivers will no longer have an unlimited number of attempts to repeat their driving test. In extreme cases, unsuccessful applicants could also have to repeat the entire teaching and training at a driving school, following new legislation on motoring which was signed into law on Tuesday by President Miloš Zeman. Photo Credit: Freepik / Ilustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., May 6 (BD) – A new law signed by President Zeman on Tuesday will limit the number of attempts available to learner drivers taking their driving test.

According to the proposers of the law, limiting the number of retests should prevent congestion in the system. It also aims to prevent driving schools collecting fees for repeat tests following insufficient preparation of applicants, according to the explanatory memorandum of the law signed by representatives of all parliamentary parties led by Zuzana Ožanová (ANO).

If candidates for a driving license fail any part of the test, they will be able to repeat it twice, according to the law. If they still have not passed after these three attempts, they will have to go through the relevant part of the training again. The candidates will then have three more attempts. If they fail these, they will have to retake the entire driving course.

Other changes included in the legislation include the abolition of the obligation for a driving school teacher to accompany candidates to their driving test, which the authors of the law argue is unnecessary.

For safety reasons, the law prohibits “expanding practice”, where the teacher supervises two learners on a motorcycle during training and at the same time drives with another learner in the car.

According to the amendment, the two parts of the practical test for motorcycles will be evaluated separately to make them more effective. Each part can be performed in the presence of a different examiner, and candidates who fail one part of the test will only have to repeat that part.

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