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ReUse Centers To Reopen In Brno

At six waste collection centers, it is again possible to dispose of unwanted but still functional household equipment. The ReUse and ReNab centers have reopened to the public after their operation was interrupted due to safety restrictions. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Brno, May 11 (BD) – From Monday, Brno’s ReUse and ReNab centers have reopened to the public, after their operation was suspended for six months due to safety restrictions. At six waste collection centers – SSO Dusíkova, SSO Hapalova, SSO J. Svobody, SSO Okružní, SSO Ukrajinská, and SSO Veveří – it is again possible to return unwanted but still functional household equipment, such as kitchen utensils, paintings, vases, decorations, CDs, books, magazines, toys, sports equipment, or furniture.

Usable furniture is then given to citizens in need through the Department of Social Care of the City of Brno, while other selected items are offered for sale for a symbolic fee. All profits go into a public collection supporting the planting and maintenance of flower beds in the city.  

“Both the ReUse and ReNab projects were suspended at the beginning of October last year, immediately after the declaration of the state of emergency. I am therefore glad that they can fulfill their function again after such a long time, which is above all to prevent the generation of waste, but also to support the planting of greenery in Brno and improve the availability of housing,” said First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL).

Brno was the first city in the Czech Republic to start the systematic reduction of waste by giving products a “second life”. In 2016, through the ReUse project, 125 tons of books, 50 tons of porcelain, 12 tons of glass, 350 m3 of furniture, and 1400 m3 of household equipment were rehoused. For five years, since then, Brno has used the scheme to reduce waste disposal costs, generate jobs, and protect the environment.

“Despite the restrictions over the past year, the ReUse project raised more than CZK 700,000, which the city used to plant flowers, buy seeds, and set flowerbeds,” said Filip Leder, chairman of the Board of Directors of SAKO Brno.

You can find other useful info about REUse projects here.

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