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Restaurant Gardens Open To The Public Under Certain Conditions

From Monday, restaurant gardens will open to the public, with certain conditions for the establishment and the guests. On Friday, the government also agreed to increase the outdoor capacity of zoos, botanical gardens, and arboretums from 20% to 50%, and adjust the protective measures for travel. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., May 17 (BD) – Following changes to the Ministry of Health’s emergency measures, customers will be permitted to enter restaurant gardens, zoos, and botanical gardens, but must follow certain conditions in case of possible inspection by a hygiene official or police officer.

In restaurants, guests must carry proof of a negative test, vaccination, or a maximum of 90 days since infection with the virus. In addition, staff must ensure at least 1.5 meters between tables and a maximum of four people at each table, unless they are members of the same household. 

Moreover, the ban on restaurants providing internet access in their gardens will be lifted, and the same applies to large shopping centers, where it has been in force for several months.

The government has increased the outdoor capacity of zoos, botanical gardens, and arboretums from 20% to 50%, but indoor pavilions will remain closed to the public. Indoor sports venues will also open from today, with a limit of one visitor per 15 square meters and a maximum of ten people in total on the sports field. In this case also, it will be necessary to keep a distance of at least two meters if participants are not members of one household.

The government has also adjusted the protective measures for travel. Those vaccinated in the Czech Republic who are travelling from a medium or high-risk country will now be exempt from quarantine and testing if they had their first dose at least 22 days earlier. First doses administered at least 22 days earlier in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, or Slovakia will also be accepted for crossing the border into the Czech Republic. Travel in the other direction will also be possible under similar conditions, except for Slovakia, where arrangements are still under negotiation. 

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