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Testing and Quarantine No Longer Required For Short Trips To Germany

Since last Thursday, May 13th, residents of the Czech Republic who have been vaccinated for more than 28 days or recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months can make short trips to Germany without testing, as long as their stay does not exceed 24 hours. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., May 18 (BD) – A German Federal Regulation has now permitted short-term cross-border trips from the Czech Republic without mandatory testing or quarantine for those who have been vaccinated for more than 28 days or recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months.

The regulation states that passengers arriving in Germany from a high-risk country (which currently includes the Czech Republic) are obliged to pre-report their arrival via digital registration and show the confirmation of successful registration to the border control authority upon request. In exceptional cases, if digital registration has not been possible, a substitute registration can be made. However, exemptions from registration and quarantine apply to those who have only passed through the territory in question without stopping, and those who are entering Germany only for transit, or for less than 24 hours. People arriving from countries at risk of a dangerous virus mutation are not subject to quarantine exemptions and their entry into Germany may be restricted or prohibited.

The inconsistency of the wording initially raised doubts as to whether the Federal Regulation would apply in Saxony, as German regions have a high degree of autonomy over safety measures. The entry decree in Saxony stated that trips must not exceed 12 hours, and must be for a good reason, not including shopping, cultural events, sporting events, public festivals, or other leisure activities. The Saxon regional ordinance also did not exempt vaccinated from quarantine and testing obligations.  

According to the police, the Saxon entry regulation should have been amended. However, there was a problem related to the time constraints between the introduction of the Federal Regulation and its subsequent adoption in Saxony. Thus, the national rules for traveling from the Czech Republic also apply there. Among other things, the Federal Regulation allows cross-border trips from the Czech Republic to Saxony within 24 hours for any reason without the need for testing, quarantine or registration. 

You can find more information on the website of the Czech Consulate of Dresden.

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