Increased Train Connections In Response To Growing Demand

Czech Railways will resume several regular train connections in the coming weeks, due to the growing travel demand. Trains will run more frequently on the Prague-Ostrava and Prague-Warsaw lines. From June, a direct connection between Prague and Zurich will also return to operation. Photo Credit: TMA / BD.

Czech Rep., May 22 (BD) – Czech Railways has announced an increase in rail connections, mainly due to the higher number of passengers, which rose by about a third in May compared to the previous spring and winter months.

Close to full operation resumed in April on the Prague-Olomouc-Vsetín-Púchov route and lines between Prague, Plzen, and Cheb. From June 13th, many routes that have previously been limited will run on their regular schedules.

In domestic transport, the Southern Express will resume full operation, and restrictions on lines R23 Kolín – Ústí nad Labem and R12 between Brno and Šumperk will also end. During rush hour, Czech Railways will increase the connection between Prague and Ostrava and some international lines will return to normal. 

The full range of daily long-distance connections will be restored in several stages during this month, following the orders of the Ministry of Transport. Connections on lines Ex5 Prague-Děčín-Dresden-Berlin lines and Ex6 Prague-Pilsen-Munich will return to operation. Two pairs of EC Metropolitan trains, which are currently running on the shortened route Prague-Štúrovo, will again run to Budapest.

Gradually, night train connections, such as the one between Prague and Zurich, will be launched, but on some routes, only certain types of accommodation services will be provided initially. From the beginning of July, Czech Railways will lift restrictions on some remaining domestic routes and resume the operation of a direct sleeping car between Prague and Budapest.

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