Over 20 Amateur Films Competing At The 21st Film Festival of MUNI’s Faculty of Informatics

More than 20 short student films will be presented online during the Film Festival of MUNI’s Faculty of Informatics, from 7pm on May 28th. All genres are represented in the final selection, from tickling comedies, through psychological dramas to short animated films. Photo Credit: PR FFFIMU.

Brno, May 25 (BD) – More than 20 short amateur films will be presented to the audience at the 21st Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University (MUNI). This year’s theme is “CONNECTION”, since the festival has now been connecting students, lecturers, and other creators through the language of film for over twenty years, crossing worlds and genres. 

The selected films will be available online from 7pm on May 28th, on the festival’s YouTube channel or Twitch. But those who don’t manage to catch the festival itself can enjoy the films at any time, as they will still be available on YouTube when the stream ends. The submissions are competing for prizes with a total value of over CZK 10,000, and you can vote to help decide which film will win. The audience poll on the festival website will stay open until 5pm on Sunday, May 30th. 

This year, the festival’s programming committee did not have an easy task, as over 40 films were submitted by MUNI students and others. All genres are represented in the final selection, from tickling comedies, through psychological dramas to short animated films, making this year’s festival extremely heterogeneous. The organizers selected the 18 best films for the competition section and eight films for the bonus section. All of them are characterized by authorial freshness and originality as well as creative ideas and high-quality workmanship.

The jury includes Kamila Zlatušková, a film producer and director of Brno’s Serial Killer festival, and Petr Sojka, founder of the film festival and vice-dean of the Faculty of Informatics at MUNI. The films will also be judged by television director and screenwriter Jiří Vanýsek Sr., the director and screenwriter Kristýna Bartošová, and Radomír D. Kokeš, a film analyst at the Institute of Film. The jury also includes Napříč Theater director, Robert Král, and Lukáš Gregor, head of the Tomáš Bata University (TBU) animation studio in Zlín.

The film festival was created in 1999, as an audiovisual project to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Faculty of Informatics, and has come a long way since then. Thanks to the Laboratory of Electronics and Multimedia Applications (LEMMA), the Faculty has provided facilities for a class on the Basics of Film Speech and Production of Audiovisual Works. Students take part in the annual organization of the festival, and the support of faculty members allows the creation of successful films, both technically and in terms of screenwriting and production.

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