Police Arrest Suspect Following Violent Attack On Two Female Police Officers

After several days of investigation, Brno police were able to identify and arrest a suspect wanted for a violent attack on two police officers in mid-May, thanks to security camera recordings and assistance from the public. Photo Credit: Brno City Police via Facebook.

Brno, June 8 (BD) – For several days, police detectives in Brno have been looking for the aggressive perpetrator of a violent attack on two city police officers, which took place near Brno’s main railway station. Thanks to cooperation from the public, the police were able to track down and arrest the suspect.

On May 14th, in the early evening, two female police officers conducting a regular patrol on Bašty noticed a man urinating in public. The officers tried to resolve the issue at the scene, but the man punched them both in the face several times. After the attack, eyewitnesses tried to stop the man from leaving the scene, but were not successful.

After the attack, both of the officers were treated for fractures at the Military Hospital. Based on security camera recordings, the police were able to identify the suspect’s physical characteristics, leading to assistance from the public and a successful end to the investigation.

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