Further Relaxation of Facemask Requirements From Today

From today, masks will not be required in many Czech school classrooms, swimming pools, and saunas, with several exceptions. At work, employees may take their masks off as long as they have their own working space. Cultural events can be attended by up to 1,000 people indoors and 2,000 outdoors. Photo Credit: Vlada.cz.

Czech Rep., June 8 (BD) – On Monday, the government approved further relaxation of anti-epidemic measures, mainly related to the education and culture sectors. From today, staff and students at most Czech schools will not be required to wear masks while in the classroom, and masks will not be required in workplaces as long as staff have their own working space. Cultural events can now be attended by up to 1,000 people indoors and 2,000 people outdoors. 

Proof of non-infection

From today, all kinds of COVID-19 tests including self-tests can be used to prove non-infection wherever required. Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch confirmed that self-test kits can also be presented when sitting indoors at restaurants, participating in cultural activities, and so on. Proof of receiving the first dose of a vaccine more than 22 days ago is also accepted. These may take the form either of a confirmation document received at a vaccination or test site, or a certificate downloaded from the online Citizen’s Vaccination Portal. The other alternative is to provide a document stating that the holder has had Covid-19 in the last six months. 


The requirement for children in kindergartens over two years of age to wear a protective face mask has been abolished, and other students are now allowed to remove their masks during lessons, though they must still be worn during breaks and in common areas. These measures apply across the country with the exception of the Zlin, South Bohemian, and Liberec regions, where the epidemiological situation is getting worse. As long as the two-meter distance is maintained between students, it is also no longer necessary to wear a mask for university exams or while receiving high school diplomas. 


Employees will not be required to wear a mask at work if they have their own working space with distance from other co-workers (with the exception of Zlin, South Bohemia, and Liberec regions). On the other hand, masks are still required for changing rooms and canteens in workplaces. 


From today, cultural events are allowed to fill venues to half capacity. The size of audiences at cultural events can increase to 1,000 indoors and 2,000 outdoors. From June 14th, the capacity for cultural events outdoors will be unlimited, while the capacity for indoor events will remain the same, with audiences remaining seated as now. Audiences at outdoor events can be seated or standing from June 14th, as long as each participant has a four-square meter space. From today it is also possible to consume food and drinks at cultural events in the form of a buffet or buffet with service, while consumption inside auditoriums is still prohibited.

Audiences at cultural events will still need to wear protective masks and provide proof of either vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test, or a recent recovery from the disease. 

Saunas and swimming pools 

From today, swimming pools, wellness centers, and saunas can be filled up to half capacity, and visitors are not required to wear a mask. On the other hand, each visitor must have 15 square meters of personal space from other visitors at all times.

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