In Photos: Restoration Completed of Devil’s Gorge Natural Amphitheater in Brno-Lesná

Yesterday saw the ceremonial opening of the restored Devil’s Gorge Natural Amphitheater. The designer of the project, Jana Sedláčková Krištoforyová, came up with the proposal to build lighting and stairs to improve accessibility and safety in the auditorium. Photo Credit: Dáme na vás Participatory Budgeting Scheme.

Brno, June 21 (BD) – At the beginning of 2017, the city of Brno launched Dáme na vás (“We give it to you”), the first city-wide participatory budgeting scheme in the Czech Republic, which allows citizens to participate in the implementation of municipal projects in Brno.

The Revival of the Natural Amphitheater of the Devil’s Gorge (Čertova rokle) project finished 8th in 2017, with 1,075 votes. The project’s designer, Jana Sedláčková Krištoforyová, proposed the installation of lighting and stairs in the auditorium, to improve the accessibility and the overall safety for the public, while preserving the natural character of the space.

Photo: Natural Amphitheater of the Devil’s Gorge. Credit: Dáme na vás.

The budget measure was approved in January 2018, and the work began in April 2019. Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the completed project was held, beginning a season of safer and more accessible events, possible thanks to the modifications to the staircase and lighting in the amphitheater.

Photo: The ceremonial opening of the Natural Amphitheater of the Devil’s Gorge after the restoration. Credit: Dáme na vás.

The natural amphitheater is located in the Devil’s Gorge, in the middle of the Lesná housing estate. The amphitheater was built more than fifty years ago to host concerts and theater performances, but has fallen into disrepair in recent decades. It was rehabilitated in 2012, and cultural events have taken place, attracting hundreds of spectators from all over Brno. The Devil’s Gorge is easily reachable by tram 9 and 11.

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Photos: Natural Amphitheater of the Devil’s Gorge before and after the restoration. Credit: Dáme na vás.

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