Brno-střed District Calls For Regulation Of Shared Vehicles In Brno

The Brno-střed district council is demanding regulation by the city of shared transport such as scooters and bikes, which are often left in inappropriate places, obstructing public areas, especially for those with reduced mobility. Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, June 23 (BD) – On Monday, Brno-střed District Council approved a motion calling on the City of Brno to regulate shared transport, to establish a maximum number of bicycles and scooters in Brno-střed district and cooperation between Brno City Police and Brno Roads to remove inappropriately parked vehicles. The District also called on the city authorities to designate new space for parking facilities and to consult the city district on the planned regulatory measures before they are implemented.

“Due to their sharp increase in the City of Brno in the last year, in many cases, a large number of these shared vehicles are parked in completely unsuitable or illegal places, such as green spaces, parking lots, on benches, in playgrounds… They also fill the city’s bicycle stands, making it impossible for ordinary cyclists to find a space. We see their regulation as the only way to remedy the situation,” said Jan Mandát, Brno-střed Council member for transport

As it is not legally possible to prosecute operators of shared vehicles for the transgressions made by users, the regulation might be ineffective. However, the operators are responsible for the number of vehicles in the city, and they do not yet contribute to improving or expanding the transport infrastructure they use.

“For this reason, we recommend the regulation of shared vehicles in the form of financial compensation for each vehicle in operation,” added Mandát.

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