Youth Training Centre To Be Established Near Lužánky Park

A Youth Training Center Project, proposed in 2020 by the former footballer Petr Švancara in the municipal participatory budgeting scheme, has been approved by the City council and is ready for implementation. The Š(v)ANCI project will replace the former Za Lužánkami stadium. CZK 3 million has been allocated from the participatory budget to implement the project. Photo Credit: Dáme na vás Participatory Budgeting Scheme.

Brno, June 23 (BD) – In 2020, former footballer Petr Švancara proposed the idea to establish four new sports field on the site of the Za Lužánkami stadium, which could be used not only by young footballers from various Brno clubs but also for floorball, American football, lacrosse, frisbee, and other sports.

Švancara registered this project in the participatory budgeting scheme in 2020, and it was the second most popular idea with the people of Brno, who showed significant interest in the project. As a result, CZK 3 million has been allocated from the participatory budget to implement the project.

The construction of the 7,500 square meter area will begin on the site of the former Za Lužánkami stadium.

“Za Lužánkami has a special place in the heart of all Brno sports fans. I am therefore glad that the necessary related things have started moving – whether a lawsuit over the ownership of the road ownership, which can open up further possibilities for using the site, or this training center, where lots of future Brno sports legends can grow,” said Marek Fišer (Piráti), Brno City council member for Culture.

Implementing this project will bring many opportunities for young athletes, and realize the dreams of many young people in Brno to have one of the largest youth training centers in the area. 

“Our city is doing its best to support youth sports. We consider it very important that children have enough opportunities to spend their free time. That’s why I’m very pleased that a new youth training center will be established near Lužánky. Starez-Sport will procure the project documentation, arrange the implementation of the project, and will also operate the center. In addition to the reconstruction of fields, which is part of the Š(v)ANCI project, the city will also create facilities for athletes worth CZK 7 million at the site,” explained Jaroslav Suchý (KDU-CSL), Brno City council member for Sport.

“The Participatory budget is a tool that is having an increasing influence on what is happening in Brno. The ideas that emerge from it are helping to revive our city. Among them is the Š(v)ANCI project, which will open up new opportunities for young people to play sports,” added Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), Deputy Mayor of Brno.

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