Brno UPROSTŘED 2021 Continues Today on Moravské Náměstí

The first June performances of the city festival UPROSTŘED 2021 lit up the streets of Brno yesterday. Today the festival will continue on Moravské náměstí with a theatrical performance, Cirkus židle, and the band Bombarďák presenting their new album for children and their parents. Photo Credit: Jan Mikolášek / TIC Brno.

Brno, June 28 (BD) – For the fifth time, the City of Brno will celebrate the summer with the UPROSTŘED festival. The city’s street life will be enriched with up to 50 different events throughout the whole summer.

TIC Brno, in cooperation with the Kávéeska organisation and Brno-střed city district, is organising a diverse range of events where local artists, theatre ensembles, and other artistic groups will perform free of charge on the streets of the city center. This year will feature pavement ballet by NdB dancers, a performance by Cirkus židle from the JAMU Faculty of Theater, and a political satire presented by the Líšeň Theater. In addition, Orlí Street Theatre, the Mikro-teatro, the Sandra Riedlová Theater, and the Radost Theater will present their work.

Photo: UPROSTŘED Festival, previous years. Credit: Jan Mikolášek / TIC Brno.

UPROSTŘED 2021 will also feature live concerts from bands of many different nationalities and genres. Audiences will have the chance to get acquainted with Hungarian and Romani melodies by the band Hazafele, get to know American music with Reverend Killjoy, enjoy folk by Lojzas Brojlers and D. N. A. Brno, and many others.

Photo: UPROSTŘED Festival, previous years. Credit: Jan Mikolášek / TIC Brno.

Yesterday, June 27th, saw the first performances of UPROSTŘED 2021, and the festival will continue today on Moravské náměstí with the theatrical performance Cirkus židle pro Brno (“Circus chairs for Brno”) by the JAMU Faculty of Theater and the band Bombarďák introducing their fifth album, “Pátek” (“Friday”) released on the Indies Scope label. The events will take place one after another with Cirkus židle from 4pm to 6pm and a Bombarďák concert from 6pm to 8pm.

The theatrical performance Circus chairs for Brno will draw the attention of Brno residents to the event Chairs for Brno (“Židle pro Brno”), in which tables and chairs for free use are placed in public spaces.

The interactive concert by the band Bombarďák will appeal to children and their parents. The quartet of Jiří Jelínek, Michal Dalecký, Filip Nebřenský and Matěj Pospíšil, under the direction of Jirka Jelínek, will travel through various styles and themes via their engaging and very catchy songs.

For those who enjoy Irish music, Wednesday, June 30th, will feature the band Dálach at 7pm in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall. The captivating melodies of traditional Irish songs are sure to be crowd-pleasers, and will make you dance with the energetic instrumental sets of jigs and reels.

Photo: UPROSTŘED Festival, previous years. Credit: Jan Mikolášek / TIC Brno.

Further information about the program can be found at the UPROSTŘED festival official website and on the webpage of TIC Brno.

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Photos: UPROSTŘED Festival, previous years. Credit: Jan Mikolášek / TIC Brno.

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