Suspect in Prague Shooting Arrested For Murder After Manhunt

This morning, police responded to a shooting in an employment office in Prague 2, which left a woman in her 50s with serious injuries. The perpetrator, believed to be 66-year-old Jiří Dvořák, escaped the scene and is now being sought by police helicopters. One police officer has been injured by a booby trap while entering an apartment in relation to the manhunt. Photo Credit: Policie ČR.

15:50 update: The employment office member of staff shot in an incident in Prague 2 this morning has since died of her injuries. Following a manhunt involving hundreds of officers, the suspect, Jiří Dvořák, has now been arrested and taken into custody.

Czech Rep., June 29 (BD) – Police in Prague are urgently seeking a 66-year-old man wanted in relation to a shooting in an employment office in Prague 2 this morning, which left a staff member in her 50s seriously injured.

“Police are currently responding to an incident on Bělehradská, where one person was shot and injured. We are now looking for the perpetrator,” said police spokeswoman Hana Křížová.

Police and paramedics attended the scene, and members of the public provided assistance to the injured before they arrived. “A woman in her 50s suffered a very serious gunshot wound. The paramedics secured her airways and took her to the hospital in Vinohrady after the treatment,” rescue spokeswoman Jana Poštová told The area around the incident is now closed.

The perpetrator, named by police as Jiří Dvořák, escaped the scene, and a manhunt involving helicopters is now underway to find him. During a raid on an apartment in Liben, a police officer was injured by a booby trapped fire system installed on his door, according to police reports.  

The suspect is around 60 years old, has a black bag over his shoulder and is wearing a baseball cap. He is travelling in a blue Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle, registration number: 3AZ 7292. Investigators are asking any members of the public with information to contact 158 immediately, but stress that he is probably armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

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