Brno’s Hidden Gems: Five Underrated Places In Brno You Should Visit

Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Brno definitely has great places to visit, eat, see, have fun, drink and all the other things that we are all familiar with. If you have been in Brno for some time and you’ve only just started to look for other coffee houses than SKOG or Momenta, or want somewhere else to visit than Špilberk or Tugendhat, we have brought together some underrated Brno gems worth visiting to get a fresh look at Brno – from an insider perspective. 

1 – Vinotéka Staré Hory – A True Moravian Gem for Local Wines 

If you want to taste real Moravian wine and support local businesses rather than sticking to the cheap wine section at Lidl, this is a great place to start. Located at the south-east corner of Lužánky Park, at Drobného 291/10, Staré Hory has reasonable prices, an authentic, rustic atmosphere with limited seating, and a wide variety of wines and aperols.

Cellar. Credit: Stare Hory.

You will surely love the unique friendly and cosy atmosphere of this tiny wine shop. Their special deal is even more tempting for wine lovers: buy 16 litres of wine in a month, get one litre free! 

2 – Café Localité – A Little Italian Getaway Right In The Centre 

What I truly adore about Localité is its tranquility, and the Italian-balcony theme with its tangled English ivy swinging from the upper floors. The soulful Localité is a great place to go after work for a cup of coffee or wine, or even better for a solo weekend with a book, and their cheesy toasts and pistachio coffees for a treat. With their friendly staff and student-budget prices, Localité is one of my favorite spots in the city center, located at Jánská 449. 

3 – Villa Löw-Beer – An Alternative to Tugendhat 

Not a time-capsule masterpiece like Tugendhat for sure, but Löw-Beer is beautiful in its own ways. Located at Drobného 22 (very close to Vinotéka Staré Hory), Löw-Beer is popular with its great gardens hosting many events and open-air movie screenings during summer. This historically-significant 19th-century location is also open for visits year-round, between 10am and 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday, while you can visit the gardens until 8pm every day! A great tip is to visit the villa right before a Kino Art movie screening on any Friday evening, and then catch a nice movie at the gardens afterward! Find more information about the Villa here.  

Villa Löw-Beer, photo by Z. Kolarik via MMB.

4 – Korejské Bistro Doširak – When You Are Tired of Other Asian Options 

Asian cuisine is a big part of the gastro scene in the Czech Republic, yet we don’t always see Korean options as much as Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai. Doširak is a great place to try Korean food; although it is a rather small restaurant with a limited menu and short working hours, their Bimbabs, Gimbabs, and Bulgogis’ are definitely worth trying. Most of all I enjoy the free jasmine tea, friendly staff, and real Korean experience with fresh ingredients. Located at Kabátníkova 219, Doširak can be hard to notice as it is a basement-floor restaurant. Better look down! 

5 – Třída Kapitána Jaroše

Some might disagree, but I believe that this is one of the prettiest streets in Brno. With plenty of cafes and restaurants, its British-style atmosphere, trees, and beautiful architecture, Jaroše is definitely a route to wander along during your weekend strolls in the city. Connecting Lužánky Park and the Janáček Theatre, it is a great place to walk, sit at a cafe, have a chat with a friend, and if you’re lucky to browse the occasional flea markets that are held there. 

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