New App Provides Insight Into The Special Trees of Brno

For those who feel like they have already explored Brno from every angle, a new application created by the City of Brno encourages residents to open their minds to the life of ancient trees. Photo: KK / BD. 

Brno, July 6 (BD) – If you have been wondering what the oldest tree in Brno is, a new application created by the City of Brno will tell you – and show you how to get there on a map! The City of Brno, in cooperation with the Departments of Environment and Urban Informatics, has created an application inviting residents to explore the ancient trees of Brno. Available at, the app contains information on Brno’s most notable trees, including their age, size, condition, and cultural or historical significance. 

The application features a map of 174 trees, 37 of which are solitary trees and 137 standing in pairs, groups, or tree lines. According to the First Deputy Mayor of Brno Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), the ancient trees often catch the interest of passers-by, and now, thanks to the online application available on any smartphone, they can immediately find out more about them, and next time maybe take a walk to another significant tree, such as the Bystrc linden tree, which won the nationwide Tree of the Year poll in 2000, or to the spruce in Ramešov, which is nominated for the title this year.

All trees mentioned in the app have been designated ancient by the Czech Republic, and are registered in the central list maintained by the Czech Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection in Prague. They are also individually marked with a small Czech national emblem and an inscription stating that the tree is an ancient tree of the Czech Republic.

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