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Temperatures Up To 37°C Expected in South Moravia Today, Heavy Storms To Follow

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute has issued three weather alerts for the Brno area for Thursday afternoon, with a high probability of very hot temperatures, storms and a low risk of forest fires. The storm warning also applies for Friday. Photo: Freepik.

Brno, Jul 8 (BD) – The weather in the Czech Republic is bringing surprise after surprise this month. The latest alert issued by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMU) concerns the risk of very high temperatures, heavy storms, and forest fires. Afternoon temperatures in some places in South Moravia will exceed 34°C. 

The weather on Thursday will be “clear to partly cloudy, increasing clouds in the evening, gradually showers and thunderstorms, occasionally very heavy. The highest afternoon temperatures will hit from 34 to 37°C,” said Ivana Záluská from the Brno branch of CHMU yesterday. The wind during the day will be mild and “will temporarily intensify during storms,” she added.

Very strong thunderstorms are expected to occur, with torrential rain, up to 50mm in some places, with “hail of larger dimensions” and wind speeds of around 90 km / h.

Map by CHMU. Dark orange: high risk of occurrence; yellow: low risk of occurrence.

As a result of the drought, there is a risk of fire and consequent danger to life. CHMU recommends not starting fires in nature, especially in forests, not burning grass, not throwing cigarette butts on the ground, and not using portable stoves and other sources of open fire when camping.

On Friday afternoon, we can expect, “precipitation in most areas, occasionally very strong thunderstorms. The lowest night temperatures will be between 20 and 16°C, the highest day temperatures will be at 25-29°C,” said Záluská.

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