Over 1 Million Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine Administered in South Moravia

On Thursday, the number of doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered in South Moravia surpassed 1 million. Nationally, the region is second only to Prague in the total number of doses. Photo Credit: Courtesy of South Moravian Region.

Czech Rep., Jul 12 (BD) – The South Moravian Region has now administered 1 million doses of vaccine against the coronavirus. The milestone was passed last Thursday, July 8th, and announced by Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL), Governor of South Moravia, at the vaccination facility at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

“I have to thank everyone who has been vaccinated so far,” said Grolich. “They have shown extraordinary social responsibility. Thanks also to all those who carry out the vaccinations for their professional work, both those at the vaccination sites and general practitioners.” 

The governor added that 850,000 of those vaccinations were carried out in vaccination centres, and 150,000 by General Practitioners. He also urged those not yet vaccinated to register, despite the increasing rates of vaccination among the population. According to Grolich, this is especially important for the elderly. “The 65+ group is absolutely crucial, so that the next wave does not start to put pressure on hospitals again,” he explained.

According to official statistics from the Ministry of Health, roughly one in five diagnosed with Covid-19 in the 65+ age group is hospitalized, and one in ten diagnosed over the age of 65 dies. Vaccination should significantly alleviate the course of the disease in the event of infection. The current rate of vaccination in the 65+ group is around 80 percent.

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