Two Weeks Remaining of Amnesty For Illegally Held Firearms

A weapon amnesty which started at the end of January this year is due to end on July 31st, meaning there are only two weeks left for citizens to hand over illegally held firearms, ammunition, or explosives. Photo Credit: Policie ČR.

Czech Rep., Jul 15 (BD) – According to the terms of the Czech Weapon Act, which came into force on January 31st, 2021, Czech residents were given until July 31st, 2021, to hand over any illegally held firearms, ammunition, or explosives, without fear of repercussions. Czech Police reminded the public yesterday that only two weeks remain of the amnesty period. 

Video Credit: Policie ČR.

“The end of the month will see the end of impunity for the crime of illicit armament, after which those found to be breaking the law may even, in extreme cases, be threatened with several years behind bars,” said police spokesman Petr Vala. 

When an owner hands in their illegally held firearms at a police station, they receive a Certificate of Surrender from the police, and the weapon then is processed for forensic analysis. “This will rule out that any crime has been committed with the weapon, and after meeting other conditions, the owner may request its legalization or simply leave it in state ownership,” added Vala.

However, some people have also brought live explosives, detonators, and similar items to police departments, which require professional handling and put not only their own but other people’s lives at risk. 

One such case occurred on Monday in Brno, when a member of the public arrived at a police station with one kilogram of gunpowder, in addition to nine kilograms of ammunition of various calibers. “An explosives expert had to attend the scene, who removed the gunpowder for professional disposal. In these cases, we advise the public to never handle this kind of dangerous material themselves, and always call the emergency number 158,” said Vala.

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