In Photos: Škoda Transportation Presents First Fully Assembled Train, “Moravia”

Škoda Transportation has presented the first assembled electrical train unit to representatives of the South Moravian Region. In 2019 the region ordered 37 new trains to operate mainly on S2 and S3 lines. The trains are to be delivered by the end of next year. Photo Credit: IDS JMK via Facebook.

Brno, Jul 16 (BD) – By the end of next year, 37 new electrical trains will come into operation in the South Moravian region. The new trains will operate on S2 and S3 lines from Blansko-Křenovice Horní nádraží and Tišnov-Břeclav.

Photo Credit: IDS JMK via Facebook.

The production of the trains is in full swing. The South Moravian Regional transport system (IDS JMK) announced on social media that at the end of June, an inspection visit took place at the Škoda Transportation production plant in Pilsen. For the first time, Škoda Transportation presented a fully assembled and mobile train unit, named Moravia, to representatives of the region.

Photo Credit: IDS JMK via Facebook.

31 of the trains will have a capacity of 310 seats, and six will contain 140 seats. All trains will be fully air-conditioned and equipped with a modern audio-visual system, sockets with USB ports for PC power supply, Wi-Fi, a camera system, and an ETCS system. The trains are scheduled to be delivered by December 2022.

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Photo Credit: IDS JMK via Facebook.

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