Three Great Office-Friendly Spots in Brno For Remote Working

Tired of working from your flat? Brno Daily’s Melis Karabulut has some suggestions for great cafes in Brno that can double as a working space. Photo: Pansky. Credit: Melis Karabulut

Brno, July 25 (BD) – Summer is upon us. The sun is shining. Lockdowns are over – and hopefully for good! Still, some bits of the pandemic winter continue to stick around, such as working from home, or at least a hybrid way of sustaining work. I realize that many young professionals remain slightly hesitant to travel long-distance for seaside vacations, and prefer to take weekends away to get out of the city flats they have been stuck in for a long time. Being one of those working-from-home, 20-something expats spending the summer in Brno, I have recently also started carrying my office out of my room to the outdoor gardens of city cafes where I can get my ice coffee served and some sun on my skin. This article is a little guide for all those looking for a seat with a plug, English-speaking staff, and a peaceful atmosphere for Zoom meetings without background noises – and especially for those who are going a bit nuts from working in the same room for so long!

Park Lane Cafe – Lužánecká’s Hidden Corner 

Park Lane Cafe. Credit: Melis Karabulut

Park Lane is my new favorite for a calm afternoon, taking care of everyday tasks and enjoying a superb banana cheesecake as a reward. There is nothing special about the interior of this cafe. It is rather old, classic, and soon in need of a renovation: definitely not one of those hipster cafes with beautiful seats and walls. What makes it special is the rich menu, great (really great) desserts with vegan and gluten-free options, very friendly staff, a cute backyard garden to get some fresh air while being able to charge your devices, and the feeling of being in an easy-going, unpretentious place. Park Lane has a real neighborhood cafe vibe, as they have their regular customers. Occasionally they serve a piece of free plum cake with your coffee, which is something that you don’t see often in Brno. I can recommend all their breakfast options as well if you promise not to go there with a loud group of friends! 

Address: Lužánecká 1885/4a, 602 00 Brno-střed

Panksy – When You Crave Pancakes After Work 

Panksy. Credit: Melis Karabulut

I visit this hipster-ish crêperie every now and then when I have cravings for their delicious salty, sweet and savoury pancakes flipped with rich ingredients and fresh toppings after a long day of work. Just like Park Lane, they also have that friendly, local atmosphere with very sweet staff. With comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, beautiful vintage cups and plates right out of Grandma’s china cabinet and an artsy interior design; this is the place for those looking for an Instagram-worthy spot to work. With its budget-friendly prices (CZK 70-80 for a filling pancake), Panksy is and has long been a popular spot for the students and teachers of Masaryk University, as it is very close to four different faculties. 

Address: 17, Jaselská 200, Veveří, 602 00 Brno-střed 

BONUS: If you are in the neighbourhood and want more of the vintage-artsy feeling, try Panksy’s neighbour Cafe Falk, a soulful place to sit with a book, or after 5pm cocktails and beer. Falk has this Dickensian character for those with writer’s block. 

Café + Knihovní Klub – Low-Cost Meets Cosy at Náměstí Svobody

If you have spent your money on weekend getaways and are looking for a cheap-but-great place just three steps from Náměstí Svobody, this is your place. Café + Knihovní Klub is definitely not a fancy place to reward yourself for your hard work, but it’s a decent and modest cafe which doubles as a book club, guaranteeing low prices and silence. It might actually be the most affordable cafe in Brno, where you can pay as little as CZK 30 for an espresso, and relatively little for a lemonade, beer or snacks. You need to order at the cash desk and will be served by the cafe staff. This is a plus point if you are searching for a place to work where you won’t be distracted by the staff. Almost each table has a 220V socket, which is ideal for people planning to work for long periods. With their nice variety of cakes, breakfast options, good coffee and interesting events and exhibitions every once in a while, I suggest a visit next time you are in the centre. 

Address: Kobližná 70/4, 602 00 Brno-střed

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