More Medals For Brno Olympians With Shooting Gold and Silver In Men’s Trap

There was double the triumph for South Moravian Olympians this morning as Jiří Lipták and David Kostelecký took Gold and Silver in the men’s trap shooting in Tokyo. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Brno, Jul 29 (BD) – South Moravian Olympians dominated in the men’s trap shooting event in Tokyo this morning, as Jiří Lipták and David Kostelecký went head-to-head for the gold and silver. 

Lipták, from Brno, and Kostelecký, a native of Brno-venkov who won the gold in the same event in Beijing in 2008, left the rest of the field far behind before a tense and very close finish in the final shootout. According to media reports, the team-mates embraced and fell to the ground together laughing when Kostelecký missed his final shot, leaving Lipták victorious. Matthew Coward-Holley of Britain took the bronze.

Trap is a variation of clay pigeon shooting, and has been an Olympic sport since 1900. Although Czech or Czechoslovak shooters have won medals several times before in the discipline, the gold-silver medley is thought to be unique in Czech Olympic history.

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