29-Year-Old Man Arrested In Křenovice On Saturday After Helicopter Chase Now Suspected of Murder

A 29-year-old man was arrested in Křenovice on Saturday evening after a dramatic chase which included several police units and a helicopter. Detectives now suspect his involvement in a murder earlier on Saturday in Brno-Slatina. Photo Credit: Police CR / video.

Brno, Aug 3 (BD) – A 29-year-old man arrested on Saturday evening in Křenovice, on suspicion of robbery, has now been linked by investigators to a possible murder, according to the South Moravia Police Department. 

On Saturday, police responded to reports of a violent assault and the theft of a car at a second-hand car dealership, leading to a police chase involving several police units and a helicopter, which eventually led to the arrest of the suspect in Křenovice. 

“South Moravian criminal investigators are intensively investigating the circumstances of the crime, in which a 29-year-old man is the suspect. As well as stealing several vehicles, he is under reasonable suspicion of assaulting two people,” said Pavel Šváb, a spokesman for the South Moravian Police. 

According to police reports, the suspect became aggressive and violent with a member of staff at a second-hand car dealership on Saturday evening, and left with a stolen jeep after the attack. “In a case treated as a robbery at the time, we responded immediately and began searching for the stolen vehicle using a helicopter. The vehicle was located in Židenice, but the man behind the wheel refused to follow police instructions and fled the scene.”

Police followed the suspect at very high speed through Židenice, Líšeň, and Slatina, onto the highway towards Vyškov. He then left the highway near Slavkov and was finally apprehended in Křenovice, and taken into police custody on suspicion of robbery. 

Police chasing the suspect. Video Credit: Police CR.

Investigators have now connected the man to a murder in Brno-Slatina earlier on Saturday. “Detectives established that another man was attacked in Brno-Slatina before the altercation in the second-hand car dealership,” said Šváb. “He was found at the scene of the crime with no signs of life, and we are investigating the case as the particularly serious crime of murder.”

According to the police, tests will most likely confirm that the suspect was under the influence of addictive substances during Saturday’s detention. However, for health reasons, it has not yet been possible to perform all procedural steps. According to Šváb, these would take place as soon as the man’s health allowed.

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