Mobile Vaccination Trucks Now In Operation In South Moravia

Mobile vaccination trucks operated by Podané ruce (Helping Hands) were first seen on the road in June, helping speed up vaccination in the Pardubice Region. In cooperation with Caritas, the trucks are now also working in South Moravia. Photo: Veselí nad Moravou / Facebook.

Since last week, specially equipped mobile vaccination trucks have been roaming the South Moravian region. Interest in vaccination without the need for registration has far surpassed what the organizers expected, and as yet unvaccinated citizens are also interested in the single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

“The principle is simple,” explained Jindřich Vobořil, Director of Podané ruce. “In order to increase vaccination coverage, it is necessary to go directly to people, to their door. Many people will not go far to vaccination centers, as it is difficult to register and have the dates dictated to them.”

The first day of vaccination in Veselí nad Moravou met with great public interest. In the first three hours of last Thursday, the mobile team vaccinated nearly 200 people – 102 with the first dose of Pfizer and 90 with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson. Especially in the morning, most of the applicants were seniors over the age of 70, often with poor mobility, who often arrived with the help of their families.

“The vaccination coverage of the population is now around 50% […] This is one of the few possible measures to avoid further lockdowns and protect our seniors in particular,” said Vobořil. As a next step, Podané ruce plan to offer the services of the truck to private companies.

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