This Weekend’s Heatwave May Be South Moravia’s Last of This Summer

The Czech Republic may see the final heatwave of the summer this weekend, as tropical temperatures return. The high weekend temperatures will also bring with them showers and thunderstorms. The heatwave will come to an end with the arrival of a cold front early next week. Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Aug 13 (BD) – South Moravia will be baking this weekend, with temperatures of around 28-32°C. The hot weather will continue until Monday in the eastern part of the country. 

On Saturday and Sunday, South Moravians can expect “clear skies to partly cloudy, occasional showers and thunderstorms. The lowest night temperatures at 18°C to 14°C, highest daily temperatures at 28°C to 32°C,” according to Peter Hruška from the Brno branch of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMU). 

On Monday, the weather in South Moravia will be partly cloudy with temperatures of 27°C to 31°C, he added, becoming gradually more cloudy during the day, and later in the afternoon showers and thunderstorms are predicted in most areas. The next few days will bring temperatures between 20 and 25°C. 

Weather Outlook for the Coming Weeks

“We assume that the temperatures in the period from August 9th to September 5th will be average to slightly below average,” said CHMU. The normal average temperature in the Czech Republic in this period is 18°C.

According to CHMU, the first week of September will be the coldest in this period, with average night lows of around 10°C and average daily highs of around 22°C.

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