Brno Man with a Knife Smashes Window and Throws Banknotes Onto Street

The case of a Brno man with acute psychosis had to be handled by the police intervention unit. Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.

Brno, Aug 24 (BD) – Police in Brno received reports of an unusual situation in one of Brno’s panelaks. One resident had smashed a window of his own apartment and thrown a significant amount of money out onto the street, before running around his apartment in confusion with a knife in his hand, shouting. “It was clear from this information that there was something wrong with him. There was a real risk he would harm himself or others,” said David Chaloupka, a spokesman for the South Moravian Police Department.

“A police negotiator tried in vain to communicate with him, but the man did not open the apartment door despite repeated urging. It was clear from his speech that he was suffering from severe delusions,” said Chaloupka. In the end, the intervention unit had to force their way in to safely secure the man, who was transferred to hospital with acute psychosis. Police also secured the cash that he had thrown out of the window.

Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.
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