Brno Police Chased The Same Car Twice – With Different Drivers

One older model white Volkswagen Golf was already familiar to police in Brno-venkov. A couple of weeks ago, the car fled from officers near Brno. The police spotted and followed the same Volkswagen again on Tuesday night. Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.

Brno, Aug 25 (BD) – When the police set out after a Volkswagen Golf in Vranovice on Tuesday night, they were convinced that a 25-year-old man was behind the wheel. “This man tried to get away from them a few days ago,” said Bohumil Malášek, a spokesman for South Moravian Police. “When the police signaled the vehicle to stop, the same scenario unfolded as last time. The driver accelerated and began to drive away. From Vranovice he headed towards Uherčice. After a six-kilometer chase, during which the driver committed many offences, he turned onto a dirt road and ended up in a field.”

Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.

After the chase, the police detained the occupants of the car – the same people as during the last ride. But behind the wheel of the still-uninsured car this time was a 22-year-old woman. “Although she was not under the influence of alcohol, she refused a drug test. The police confiscated her driver’s license,” said Malášek. The passenger tried unsuccessfully to escape from the scene, but was arrested.

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