Elderly Man Attacked By Unknown Assailant In Brno; Police Are Appealing For Information

At the beginning of August, A 63-year-old man was attacked on Vranovská in Brno-Černá Pole. Police are appealing for information from the public to identify the young man who assaulted him. Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.

Brno, Sep 1 (BD) – At the beginning of August, a 63-year-old man was the victim of a violent assault while on his way home from an evening drinking. The elderly man was walking on Vranovská, in the Černá Pole district, when a young man passing by started kicking and punching him without provocation. The assault was particularly brutal, not only due to the evident large age difference, but also the fact that the victim was in a vulnerable state due to alcohol, and the attacker assaulted him from behind.


After the attack, the young man escaped with the victim’s wallet, while the victim was hospitalized with several broken ribs.

Security cameras located at the scene caught the whole incident, but police have not yet been able to identify the perpetrator. Detectives are therefore appealing to the Brno public for any information that can help identify him, by calling line 158.

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