42-Year-Old Brno Man Arrested For Arson After Setting Light To Three Vehicles

A 42-year-old man is in custody after setting fire to two caravans in Brno and a bus in Kuřim, causing CZK 2.5 million worth of damage. Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.  

Brno, Sep 7 (BD) –  A 42-year-old man started three fires in Brno and surrounding areas in the space of two weeks. “He started his trail at the beginning of August in Bystrc, which he excused as experiments with covid disinfection. At the same time, he set fire to a parked Fiat caravan. The fire then damaged three other parked cars. The damage thus grew to over CZK 1.5 million,” said police spokesman Bohumil Malášek.  

A few days later, he allegedly got drunk, and in response to an argument with a friend, he vented his anger on a caravan parked on Masná. As well as the completely burnt-out caravan, the heat damaged three cars parked nearby and the facade of a nearby house. The damage was again very high, reaching well over CZK 500,000.

The man started a third fire in Kuřim, which was intercepted by cameras of the city security system. After apparently falling asleep on the bus, he woke up when the bus terminated at Kuřim railway station, and reacted with anger to not being able to return quickly to Brno. The fire he started on the bus caused damage of almost CZK 1 million, but the camera footage of the incident helped convict the man who was already under investigation.

According to Malášek, “The perpetrator, who has a criminal record of arson, among other things, is being prosecuted. In addition, police officers are investigating whether it played a significant role in other prior cases.”

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