FutureGate Sci-Fi Film Festival 2021 Started Yesterday, With A Post-Apocalyptic Theme

The 8th edition of the FutureGate Sci-fi Film Festival 2021 started yesterday. The festival is presenting more than 30 screenings, and will run until Sunday. The theme of this year’s event is “post-apocalypse”. Photo Credit: FutureGate Festival.

Brno, Sep 22 (BD) – The FutureGate Sci-fi Film Festival started yesterday in Brno. It is the most popular Science Fiction Film and Culture Festival in the Czech Republic, and there are many new features included in its 8th edition this year, which will take place at Kino Art and the Brno Observatory.

It is the most popular Science Fiction Film and Culture Festival in the Czech Republic. Photo Credit: FutureGate Festival.

Sections devoted to student films, legends, and documentaries will join the traditional competition selection, with highlights including screenings of Mad Max and Mad Max 2. There will also be an accompanying program featuring discussions, conferences, school programs, and art installations linked to the theme of “post-apocalypse”.

Photo Credit: FutureGate Festival.

“This year, the festival has also brought two international guests,” said Filip Schauer, one of the festival organisers. “Chino Moya (director of Undergods) and Danielle Kummer (director of Alien on Stage) will introduce their films and there will also be a discussion afterwards. The festival has also invited esteemed personalities from the Czech Republic, namely Tomáš Etzler, who will lead a debate with Lieutenant Colonel Otakar Foltýn and Brigadier General Miroslav Feix on the topic of security threats in the 21st Century”.

Post-apocalypse as a creative challenge

The year’s narrative thread is “the end of civilization”. Photo Credit: FutureGate Festival.

The most curious and intriguing aspect of this year’s competition is the theme. The pandemic has brought the entertainment industry to its knees: theaters, cinemas, and festivals have been economically affected by the closures, but not creatively!

The organizers of the FutureGate Festival have decided to reinvent themselves for this reason – the year’s narrative thread is “the end of civilization”, a creative and original way to exorcise the fear linked to the pandemic but also to discuss, think and argue about important changes: wars, climate change, viruses, water scarcity, nuclear threats and so on.

The post-apocalyptic theme is not only linked to the pandemic crisis but also to all those changes in our times, in which civilization is both victim and executioner.
For more information visit the FutureGate Sci-fi Film Festival 2021 website or Facebook page.

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