New Greenhouses Open To The Public In Lužánky Park

On Monday, the new greenhouses at Lužánky Park opened to the public. Visitors, adults and children alike, had the opportunity to plant flowers and seeds in the new greenhouse at the Lužánky recreation center. Photo credit: LUSK.

Brno, Sep 24 (BD) – The inauguration of the new greenhouses was long awaited. The facilities, founded in 1949, were in need of the renovation work that began in 2019 and ended in October of the same year. However, due to the pandemic, the greenhouses did not officially open until Monday, when the Lusk project had the pleasure of inaugurating the new greenhouses.

The old greenhouses. Photo Credit: LUSK.

The main purpose of the renovation works was modernization. New materials were used to build it, and eco-sustainable technologies were used, but the work respected the original floor plans of the old greenhouses, built in 1949, and also took into account the park’s cultural significance. Indeed, Lužánky Park is listed as a place of historical importance, and is protected by the Czech Ministry of Culture. 

According to Kateřina Děkaníková, the leader of the project, “the two separate greenhouses are now combined into one space, albeit separated internally. Technologies that support sustainability and ecology are also new, such as a partially green roof, solar water heating or harvesting, and the use of rainwater for irrigation and flushing”.

A part of the new structure, during renovation works. Photo Credit: LUSK

The Lusk project is one of the key parts of Lužánky as a leisure center. The new polytechnic and environmental training center aims to give life to workshops, classes, and various recreational activities for environmental and polytechnic teaching.

The leisure center organizes different kinds of recreational activities. Photo Credit: LUSK.

Lusk is designated as a project of national cultural significance, and is co-funded by the City of Brno and the European Union.

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