In Brief: “Pocket Bus” To Run in Brno Until The End Of October

Until the end of October, Brno passengers can hop on a bus of unusual length and unusual colors. Photo: DPMB.

Brno, Oct. 1, (BD) – Brno Transport Company (DPMB) will be testing a nine-meter Škoda D CITY bus, which could be a future alternative for the current Brno minibuses.

The manufacturer, Škoda Transportation Group, first introduced this bus in the summer. Photo: DPMB.

DPMB is the first large transport company in the Czech Republic to test the new bus in full operation. They will be operating from Sunday until the end of October on the same route as the current minibuses, most often on routes 211, 65 and 68.

Photo: DPMB.

“DPMB currently operates 10 STRATOS diesel minibuses purchased in 2013. The minibuses are 7.5 meters long and have 13 seats,” said DPMB spokeswoman Hana Tomaštíková yesterday.

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