President Zeman’s Health Condition Uncertain; He Will Vote From Lány Castle

There is much uncertainty about the health of President Zeman. Currently, the President’s doctor has advised him not to go to the polls, and Zeman will vote in Lány Castle. Credit:

Czech Rep, Oct 8 (BD) – Until today, official communications have admitted only a slight dehydration and exhaustion. Now, however, the president has been advised to stay at home and avoid voting in person, raising uncertainty about his health condition.

The president’s health condition may be important in the aftermath of this weekend’s elections, when he should have an important role in the process of coalition formation. According to his spokesman Jiří Ovčáček, Zeman’s health has therefore become an arena of speculation and political battle.

After the September hospitalization it was expected that President Zeman would return to public life, as declared, and he was expected to appear at the polls in person.

However, in a press release today, Ovčáček declared the President will vote in the castle of Lány, as his doctor, Professor Miroslav Zavoral, advised him not to go to the polls. Further details on the state of the president’s health are unknown.

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