Vinokilo Pop-Up Market Sells Fair-Trade Vintage Clothes

Vinokilo is a pop-up event that will take place in Brno from October 20th to 23rd in Tržnice Brno. High-quality vintage clothing in 60s-90s styles will be on sale, respecting fair-trade values. Credit: Vinokilo.

Brno, Oct 9 (BD) – Vinokilo is a free event that will take place in Brno, between 20th – 23rd October. Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to good music, drink great wine and buy high-quality vintage clothing, respecting fair-trade values.

Indeed, the Vinokilo name has a hidden double-meaning. Firstly Vintage + Kilo, in reference to the sale of clothes by the kilo. The other refers to “vino”, because the start- up comes from the biggest wine region in Germany and usually during the Vinokilo event, the organizers like offering their guests a glass of wine.

Credit: Vinokilo.

Vinokilo’s Origin

Vinokilo is a start-up born in Germany in 2016 and is Europe’s leading supplier of vintage and second-hand fashion, selling not only clothes but also other rare vintage items.

The project was born with the intention of offering high quality second-hand and vintage clothing, in line with the values ​​of fair trade, primarily respect for the planet earth and the environment.

Start-up founder Robin Balser talks about the Vinokilo project.

“We sell unique second hand vintage clothes as an alternative to fast fashion for a responsible future accessible for everyone by building on diversity, people, and passion,”  said David Trippler, Vinokilo’s PR Manager. “We founded Vinokilo to give people the opportunity to buy secondhand clothes as an alternative to firsthand fashion. And we wanted to do this at scale, meaning we wanted to give everyone – “everyone” meaning from all income levels and parts of society – the chance to choose secondhand clothes over firsthand fashion.”

Despite Vinokilo clothes being high-quality, they are sold at affordable prices in compliance with fair trade, which is why the clothes are sold by the kilo regardless of the brand, size or number of garments (hence the name of the start-up “Vintage Kilo”)

Credit: Vinokilo.

The events have been organized in 114 European cities in 12 countries, since 2016.

“We have organized almost 500 Events in Europe since our start in 2016, with the majority of them being in Germany and Italy. But from the beginning we’ve wanted to bring our vision to all of Europe, so we’ve been trying to expand to as many countries as possible and we now visit multiple different countries each week.” Trippler added.

Credit: Vinokilo.
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