“Ward’s Henna Party” Wins Main Award At 62nd Brno16 Short Film Festival

The 62nd Brno16 International Short Film Festival ended on Sunday. “Ward’s Henna Party” by director and screenwriter Morad Mostaf was awarded the main prize by the international jury. “Greetings from Nigeria” by Peter Hoferica won the Československá 16 section. Photo Title: “Ward’s Henna Party” / Brno16.

Brno, Oct 18 (BD) – The 62nd Brno16 International Short Film Festival ended yesterday.

The main competition prize went to “Ward’s Henna Party” by Morad Mostaf. Explaining their choice, the jury described the film as a “Captivating portrayal of complicated messy relationships of a bachelorette party observed through the eyes of an outsider. The cracks and the cultural differences then come into stark reality in the form of a conflict. The film not only shows the events and it’s protagonists but also masterfully unfolds many layers of ties between people and societal structures in a complex and non-obvious way. The cinematographic observation finds an impressive form without forcing the images into tried and true narratives.”

“Community Gardens” (Vytautas Katkus), “The Golden Legend” (Chema Garcia Ibarra, Ion de Sosa) and “I’ll End Up In Jail” (Alexandre Dostie) received honorable mentions.

“Greetings from Nigeria” by director Peter Hoferica. Credit: Brno16.

In the Československá 16 section – which presented 13 Czech and Slovak films – the jury awarded the film “Greetings from Nigeria” by director Peter Hoferica.

“We’d like to award the FAV Jury Prize to the film Greetings from Nigeria, which with its absurdly satirical tone wittily reflects the alienation of today’s world and communication issues. We especially appreciate its well-thought-out form, which demonstrates the author’s ability to adapt current cinematographic trends into his work.”

“Exam” by director Sonia K. Hadad. Credit: Brno16.

In addition, a special mention was given to the animated documentary “S P A C E S” (Mezery) by Nora Štrbová, while the prize awarded by the audience went to the film “Exam” (Zkouška) by director Sonia K. Hadad.

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