New Brno University of Technology Rector To Promote Internationalization

On Tuesday, the Academic Senate of Brno University of Technology elected a new Rector, contemporary quaestor Ladislav Janíček. In February he will replace Petr Štěpánek as the head of the university after eight years in the office. Photo: Ladislav Janíček archive BUT.

Brno, Oct 27 (BD) – “Technical education should, in my opinion, become a societal priority,” said Janíček in his acceptance speech.

Ladislav Janíček is a researcher at BUT and works as an associate professor at the Institute of Aviation of the university’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

In his election program, Janíček mentioned, among other priorities, the strengthening of the internationalization of BUT, support for critical thinking and creativity, and the development of joint degree and double degree programs in cooperation with foreign universities. 

“I would like to advocate for a higher number of professional programs. I believe that studying at BUT offers students a competitive advantage. The connection between our university and industry is quite obvious, we are one of the best in terms of the volume of contract research,” said Janíček.

The new rector received 24 of the 27 votes from Senators in the election. 

Last week Mendel University in Brno also announced a new rector. Vojtěch Adam will take up the office in February 2022.

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