Brno Receives Award For Modern Use of Territorial Geo Information

At a two-day conference in Prague dedicated to geoinformatics, which focused on the topic of innovations in the field of technology, Brno was recognised for its modern approach to the implementation of the Geographic Information System (GIS). Credit:

Brno, Nov 5 (BD) – At a conference dedicated to geographic information systems in Prague between November 3rd-4th, Brno received an award for its innovative approach to the development of the GIS system.

The GIS is a computerized system that allows the acquisition and analysis of information deriving from geographical analyzes, through which it is possible to study and understand human and natural phenomena and information.

“The prestigious award is given annually to an organization selected for a full implementation or other outstanding application in the field of GIS. It was previously awarded to, for example, the Czech Fire and Rescue Service,” said Deputy Mayor of Brno Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti).

The City of Brno’s GIS is innovative because it combines otherwise unconnected data and archives, providing a new and complete vision of the problems faced. The information is more precise and accurate, thanks to the use of uniform map data for the entire city.
The video from the Brno GIS department explains how the geoinformation system works.

“The GIS of the City of Brno currently consists of about 240 web applications, which thanks to their appropriate and easy-to-use tools simplify the work of employees of individual municipal departments, municipal authorities and external organizations, especially in relation to decision-making. We try to bring interesting and inspiring information to the public in the form of new applications, published services or by making data available,” said Ondřej Kotas, of the City of Brno’s IT team.

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