Contractors Selected For Next Stages of Poříčí Promenade Development

Work will begin on the Poříčí waterfront at the beginning of next year. In addition to work on the embankments to prevent flooding, a new cycle path and a pedestrian area with benches will be built. Yesterday the city council contracted the work to the PPO nábřeží Svratky – Brno Association. Visualization: PPO nábřeží Svratky – Brno.

Brno, Nov 11 (BD) – The new contractors selected by the city administration for the work on the waterfront are a business association called PPO nábřeží Svratky – Brno (composed of OHLA ŽS, a.S., HOCHTIEF CZ, a.S. and FIRESTA-Fišer, reconstruction and construction, a.S.).

The works to take place along Poříčí include 5 km of footpaths and 3 km of pedestrian walkways, a bicycle path, new benches, and above all new earth embankments, repaired bank walls and loosening of the river bed, to control the embankments and avoid flooding.

Visualization: PPO nábřeží Svratky – Brno.

“The implementation of nature-friendly flood control measures in Brno is one of our strategic projects,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “This is the first phase of a comprehensive flood protection project for the city, thanks only to which we can develop further. The measures in phases VII and VIII will protect people and their properties from flooding, directly affecting nearly 6,000 people. The goal is to revitalize the stream over three kilometers and make the surrounding environment more attractive. The architectural solution of the project is based on the winning design of an international architecture competition of the famous Brno architect Ivan Ruller and his landscape architecture team. Thanks to this, the river will become accessible and residents will be able to use its embankment for recreation.” 

Visualization: PPO nábřeží Svratky – Brno.

“In addition to the modification of the riverbed and the construction of dams, the contract also includes the construction of cycle paths, footpaths, and colonnades, the planting of trees, the protection of flood drains, and the relocation of engineering networks,” added Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL).

The work is scheduled to start early next year and finish in 2023, and will be financed in part by European funds and in part by the City of Brno.

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