Army To Intervene In South Moravia To Reduce Pressure On Hospitals

Occupation of covid beds in South Moravia is rising, increasing the pressure on hospitals and staff. Several hospitals have requested assistance from the army to alleviate the situation. Credit: JMK.

Brno, Nov 16 (BD) – According to the Central Crisis Staff of the South Moravian region, there are currently 575 patients in the region’s designated Covid-19 beds, and a further 109 patients in the intensive care unit with the most severe clinical condition, placing stress on the hospitals and their staff.

However, the situation is to be improved with help from the Czech Army. In the coming days, hospitals will report their staffing needs to the region, which will submit them to the Central Crisis Staff. “Currently, six hospitals have reported their requests to the army, about 54 soldiers. Hospitals in Znojmo and Ivančice also responded to staff in the event of a crisis. However, the situation is drastically worsening. Even the Moravian-Silesian Region, which has more people hospitalized, is not reporting as many people with a severe condition as in our region,” said Governor Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL).

Since last week, the region has gradually increased requests for staff capacity in hospitals, both through volunteers and through requests to other agencies. The assistance of the Czech Police and the Fire and Rescue Service is currently limited by legislation, as the state of emergency is not in force.

The intervention of the army would significantly alleviate the pressure on hospitals, and intervention is expected as early as November 18th.

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