Emotional Map To Measure Brno Residents’ Appreciation of The City’s Cultural Life

Emotional map to test the appreciation of the city in relation to local culture, creative industries and public space. The public response will help the city to model itself on the basis of the responses of the inhabitants. Credit: MMB.

Brno, Nov 18 (BD) – The new emotional map of Brno asks residents how they live in Brno, whether they are proud of the city, and how they relate to the local culture, creative industries and public space. The answers will allow the city to form a realistic picture of which direction Brno should take in the future and where its main potential lies.

“Emotion Brno has already used maps as a tool for data collection in the past, especially in the preparation of the Brno 2050 Strategy. The new map is mainly focused on culture, in relation to the preparations for the candidacy of Brno in the European capital of culture competition,” explained Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti).

Residents can fill out the questionnaire here anytime before the end of the year. Participation is also possible in person, with physical drop-in points in every city district. More information on the location of these points will be published by the end of November on the websites of individual city districts and their other information channels.

According to Marek Fišer, Brno City Councillor for Culture, the data will be particularly useful to the city in the preparation of Brno’s candidacy to become the European Capital of Culture in 2028. “Brno is a leader in many areas of culture and cultural development that the Moravian metropolis has to offer to the world,” said Fišer. “At the same time, this data will allow us to support or launch many projects in the field of infrastructure, strategy or cultural offerings. Brno already does a lot in the field of culture, but at the same time it has enormous potential, which could be exploited thanks to this title.” 

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