CEITEC’s Martin Pumer Is One Of The Most Cited Scientists In The World

Clarivate has compiled the list of the most cited researchers in scientific journals, and Martin Pumer from Brno’s CEITEC research center appears in the ranking for the fifth time thanks to his high-impact publications. Credit: Clarivate via Twitter.

Brno, Nov 23 (BD) – Clarivate has compiled the list of the most cited researchers in the scientific field in 2021. The list includes 6,600 personalities from the scientific world, whose works have been most cited in the past 10 years.

The list includes 10 scientists whose primary academic affiliation is in the Czech Republic, eight of whom are Czech, and two of whom are foreign researchers working at Czech institutions.

Among the names of Czech scientists who work at Czech and international institutions, one that stands out is that of Martin Pumer, a researcher at CEITEC in Brno and the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. Professor Pumer was included for the fifth time in the ranking of the most cited scientists.

The Brno research center CEITEC focuses its studies on life sciences, advanced materials, nanotechnologies and cybernetics, and Professor Pumer is the leader of the center’s Energy of the Future and Innovation research group.

Clarivate is a company that deals with providing critical data, information, and analysis for various subjects including universities, nonprofits, funding organizations, publishers, corporations, government organizations and law firms.

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