Police: “If You Don’t Have To, Don’t Use Your Car Today”

The morning snowfall caused considerable problems on the roads in South Moravia. The snow started falling around 5am. “After 7am, the Brno Operations Center registered 40 reports of road incidents related to snow,” said Bohumil Malášek, spokesman for the South Moravian Police Department. Photo credit: JD / Brno Daily

Brno, Dec 9 (BD) – Over the course of the day, police received more and more calls. The first problems were reported by drivers from the southern regions of the region, mainly from Znojmo, Břeclav, Ivančice, and surroundings. The problems have gradually spread across the whole region. 

“In many places, the roads are blocked by accidents, which fortunately have been without injuries so far, or without serious injuries. We have also recorded several accidents involving pedestrians. You too should be very careful. If you don’t have to, don’t leave the house. Drive very carefully,” said Malášek.

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