Outgoing Czech Government Mandates Vaccines For Over-60s

The vaccine mandate will apply to those over the age of 60, but the incoming government has expressed disagreement with the rule and intends to modify it. Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Dec. 10 (BD) – The outgoing Czech government has published a decree in the official Collection of Laws, requiring mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for all those over 60, according to Czech media reports. The requirement would also apply to health workers, police officers, firefighters and the military. The Czech Republic had the second-highest infection rate in the world in the last week, of 981 per 100,000 people.

However, it is unclear whether this measure will actually come into force, as the government is about to be replaced by a new Prime Minister and cabinet. The new government’s nominee for Minister of Health, Vlastimil Válek, expressed disagreement with mandatory vaccination and said he would modify the measure, as reported by Novinky.cz.

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