Brno’s Phonexia Wins IBM Company of the Year Award 2021

Phonexia, a software company that develops technology for speech analysis and voice biometrics, has won the 2021 IBM Company of the Year Award. Credit:

Brno, 13 Dec (BD) – The company was founded in 2006 by two researchers from the Brno University of Technology, after their research team did not have the capacity to fulfill a customer’s request at the time. Co-founders Jan Černocký, Lukáš Burget, and Pavel Matějka were listed in the Top 100 speech recognition scientists by AMiner in their “AI 2000 Speech Recognition Most Influential Scholars” list. 

Phonexia won the award thanks to their unique software, which is the first in the world to use neural networks alone to identify the speaker, achieving the highest accuracy and speed. The software can detect the speaker’s gender and language, and write speech to text. The company provides so-called passive voice biometric systems for financial institutions and other clients, which can verify the caller’s voice in just three seconds with an accuracy of more than 92%.

The contest, designed to promote small- and medium-sized Czech businesses, and in its 16th year this year, saw companies judged on their financial records and plans, before experts decided on a winner in each region. The 14 regional winning companies then moved on to the Czech national final, where a winner was selected by a jury. The jury’s decision was based on how the companies perform in a competitive environment, how pragmatic their business goals and plans are, and their contribution to the development of their surroundings. 

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